Is this you?

  • Wanting to escape the status quo and discover new paths for growth and transformation?
  • Frustrated with the low-scale adoption of new products, technologies and services, and their costly and time-consuming development?
  • Held back by stuck beliefs and same-old, same-old ideas and thinking?
  • Disappointed with results from fail-fast design and innovation methods
  • Seeking novel strategic perspectives based on deeper insights for more sustained health value co-creation?

If so, then you have come to the right place. We can help.

The challenge of value-creation in complex health and care ecosystems

The need to advance value in health and care ecosystems presents numerous challenges for health and care companies, providers, payers and policymakers.

Now more than ever, complex, fast-evolving health and care ecosystems demand advanced capabilities for sensing value-based innovation, growth and transformation opportunities, for designing adaptive organisations, strategy and value propositions, and for sustaining value-creation through continuous learning and renewal.

To realise higher value, industry, provider and government organisations can no longer rely on limited disease-based reductionist thinking, on narrow outcome-over-cost measures of value, on technological innovation, on piecemeal ideas-first methods or on serendipitous, safe-to-fail experimentation.

In short, a new, more expansive ecosystem value design perspective is needed - urgently. 

Umio brings a universal systemic design framework and approach for co-creating advanced forms of value in health and care ecosystems.

Our framework, Health Value Design®, will address your value-based growth, innovation and transformation challenges.

It will help you think and see more systemically, understand health problems more deeply, reveal new opportunities with more clarity, and inform your value-based research, strategy and programmes with greater foresight, evidence and confidence.  

Over the past 10 years, we have identified and evidenced hundreds of opportunities, framed value, innovation and growth strategy, designed multiple value propositions, and co-created solutions of all kinds in numerous complex health and care ecosystems (see our example projects).

With our unique blend of systemic and strategic health value perspectives, capabilities and services, we can help you overcome your complex growth, innovation and transformation challenges with renewed purpose and confidence.  

Advance Health Ecosystem Value 

We work in all health-related sectors, both public and private. Our clients and partners are:

  • Pharmaceutical, medical device and health technology companies seeking to grow organically, innovate, invest, adapt and create value
  • Care providers, trusts, bodies and institutions wishing to create health, improve outcomes and accelerate the design and efficacy of integrated care systems
  • Insurers, payers and commissioners seeking value-for money and greater certainty when making complex systemic resource decisions and trade-offs
  • Academic and research organisations pursuing new medical knowledge and its effective translation into practice
  • National and local governments wanting to create health and build more prosperous communities and populations, whilst reducing health system costs and burdens
  • Charity, social, patient and community organisations wanting to reach and support disadvantaged populations, create health and advocate for their members

Whatever your health-related organisation, starting point, purpose or goal, deploying us in bespoke projects or as partners will help you realise exciting new paths for advanced health ecosystem value-creation.

Learn more by reading about our Health Value Design® frameworkbrowse and download our publications or review our many case-studies from different health and care markets, geographies and settings. 

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To discuss your health and care ecosystem ideas, challenges and opportunities, and to arrange an introduction to Umio and Health Value Design®, please contact us on + 44(0) 1295 724 539, via or by using this contact form.