Rethink, Redesign, Realise ... Health Ecosystem Value

In increasingly complex, fast-evolving, multi-actor health and care systems, the shortcomings of traditional technology-first, disease-oriented, outcomes-based and patient-centric thinking on value and its creation are becoming more and more apparent.

An ecosystem value perspective

At Umio, we bring an alternative value perspective. One that recognises and embraces the new forms and drivers of value, and that helps to sense, explore and realise novel possibilities for its creation – eco-systemically, adaptively, contextually and sustainably.

What we do

Using our Health Ecosystem Value Design® framework, thinking and services, we help health and medical organisations of all kinds and sizes to think, innovate, design and act from an ecosystem perspective. Doing so helps them to:

Acquire a powerful ecosystem perspective on health value and its creation

Sense and explore new possibilities for growth and adaptation

Develop and shape innovative health ecosystem strategy and business / care models

Co-create advanced multi-actor value propositions of all kinds

Identify and build health ecosystem design and orchestration capabilities

The world's first and only ecosystemic design framework tailored for health and care

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