Health Ecosystem Value Design® Framework

Health Ecosystem Value Design® is Umio’advanced, universal framework and approach for co-creating sustained value in health and care ecosystems.

Through practical framing, deep enquiry and sophisticated understanding of health and ecosystem value, contexts, entities, interactions, dynamics and affects, we wilhelp you to:

  • Acquire a powerful perspective on health ecosystem value and its creation
  • Reveal real opportunities from rich understanding of health, care and social problems
  • Frame and evidence novel possibilities and propositions
  • Design and enact strategies and their emergence to meet goals and outcomes
  • Co-create ecosystem interventions, programmes, technologies and solutions that have impact
  • Build dynamic capabilities to sustain ecosystem value co-creation

Where it is deployed

Typically, the framework is deployed upstream to inform, design and shape ecosystem strategy, policy and programmes, business / care models, value propositions, technology and service concepts and organisational / ecosystem capabilities.

Doing so ensures that all downstream actions are catalysed by deeper understanding of ecosystem perspectives, opportunities, emergence and constraints.

Where it has been used

Health Ecosystem Value Design® has been deployed in diverse health and care ecosystems. These include obesity, chronic pain, patient safety, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, surgical, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in a number of chronic condition areas (see our example projects).


  • Structured, advanced ecosystem value design approach
  • Unique synthesis of complexity, social, scientific, ecological and philosophical principles and knowledge bases
  • Deeper insight into actors, roles, diversity, capacities, resources, interactions, opportunities and gaps linked to value and outcomes
  • Avoids pitfalls of experimental, technology-first / solutions-orientation
  • Aids clearer, more confident systemic-level strategy, value, technology, policy, education and cross-domain resource decision-making
  • Advanced measures of value deepen understanding of the dynamics of value-creation at an ecosystem-level
  • Define ongoing learning and adaptation model and indicators to sustain and advance health co-creation

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