Health Ecosystem Value Design® Framework

Health Ecosystem Value Design® is a universal value sensing, exploration, strategy and co-creation framework tailored for health and care.

Where it is deployed

Typically, the framework is deployed upstream, at an early-stage, to inform the design and evolution of ecosystem growth strategy, business / care models, value propositions, solution and service concepts and organisational / ecosystem capabilities. 

Doing so ensures that all downstream value-creation activities are catalysed by deeper understanding and evidence of ecosystem perspectives, opportunities, emergence and constraints. 

What it can do for you

Health Ecosystem Value Design® will support you to:

Sense powerful, emerging sources of health ecosystem value

Frame options for innovation of ecosystem strategy and business / care models

Define new modes of engagement and value co-creation with ecosystem actors

Design advanced ecosystem services, experiences and their enablers

Build and distribute the capabilities needed for sustained ecosystem value-creation

Where it has been used

Health Ecosystem Value Design® has been deployed in diverse health and care ecosystems. These include obesity, chronic pain, patient safety, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, surgical, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in a number of chronic condition areas (see our example projects).

Who we work with

We work in most health-related sectors, with both public and private organisations. Our clients and partners are:

  • Pharmaceutical, medical device, insurers and health technology companies seeking to transform their growth profile through ecosystem thinking, discover new sources of value and make compelling new payer cases
  • Care providers, trusts, bodies and frontline institutions searching for novel means and models to address complex health problems, provide care and accelerate outcomes improvement
  • Investors, payers and commissioners wanting more certainty when making complex resource decisions and trade-offs
  • National and local governments looking to create health and build more prosperous communities and populations, whilst reducing health system costs and burdens
  • Social, patient and community organisations wishing to reach-out to, and support disadvantaged populations and advocate for their members

Let's connect

To discuss health ecosystem value and opportunities, please contact us on + 44(0) 1295 724 539, via [email protected] or by using this contact form.