Additional one-day Health Value Design® masterclass dates added

September, 2017

We are excited to announce further dates for our Health Value Design® Masterclass. 

In these one-day events, Chris Lawer, Umio CEO-founder will introduce you to Umio's framework for designing and realizing value-based transformation in health, care and related social ecosystems.

Most health and care systems are buckling under growing pressures of chronic, persistent problems and ever-diminishing resources. Despite best efforts, many change programmes, policies, technologies and other interventions do not scale or have only limited, incremental impact. Worse, many lead to unintended consequences such as new forms of conflict, shifted costs and added stress that can diminish the sustainability of health and care systems, and burden the people that work within them. 

To realise more healthy and flourishing health and care systems, it's necessary to break dominant, entrenched ways of thinking about health value and also, rethink how it is created and sustained. At Umio, we believe it is becoming increasingly important to:

  • Avoid an exclusive, narrow and merely symptomatic, cost-, improvement, and efficiency-focus on clinical and disease-condition outcomes
  • Improve our understanding of complex health system problems, their root causes in social systems, and the practices and logics that cause them to persist
  • Explore new spaces of possibility and discover novel opportunities for health value creation outside of traditional contexts and assumptions
  • Find new ways to design novel interventions, programmes, policies, services, technologies and other solutions that impact health outcomes systemically, at scale and sustainably
  • Build more dynamic organisational and collaborative capabilities for adapting, renewing and transforming health, care and social systems
  • Advance the adaptive capacity of systems for co-creating ongoing health value

At Umio, we bring a powerful, advanced ecosystem perspective to do all the above. Working with some of the world’s most progressive health, pharma, life sciences and medical technology companies, care providers, entrepreneurs and governments, we deploy our Health Value Design® framework and approach to help them discover, evidence, organise and pursue new paths for value-based growth, evolution and transformation in health, care and related social ecosystems. 


If you are searching for new value-creation opportunities, are planning a shift in your health market, care or system engagement strategy or programmes, or are struggling with existing efforts, then come along to this one-day Masterclass to learn how Umio’s Health Value Design® framework and approach can help. Choose your location from one of those listed below.

Contact us for more information or download the workshop summary.


BASEL (MARCH 27th) - Book Here

BOSTON (APRIL 12th) - Book Here

SAN FRANCISCO (APRIL 17th) - Book Here

LONDON (MAY 16th) - Book Here

OXFORD (MAY 23rd) - Book Here