Umio supports Sentireal to advance mental health therapy through virtual reality

August, 2018

Umio supports Sentireal to advance mental health therapy through adaptive, personalised virtual reality

Following a successful SBRI Healthcare bid, Sentireal and Umio formally announce their partnership today – August 21st 2018 - to advance depression treatment using personalised virtual reality technologies.

Virtual reality (VR) is emerging as an effective medium for treating a variety of mental health conditions. However, the content shown in VR tends to be pre-authored and one-size-fits-all, therefore lacking the personalised and tailored qualities that are necessary for effective recovery and maintenance of mental health. Backed by an SBRI award, Sentireal is addressing these challenges by creating an adaptive software platform that can automatically create and deliver personalised virtual reality content to address mental health issues that lead to depression, self-harm and suicide. Harnessing advanced proprietary algorithms and technologies, the patient’s actions and attitudes inside VR are automatically analysed and may be referred back to clinicians for diagnostic and treatment adjustment purposes.

Chris Lawer, Umio CEO, commenting on the award and partnership said, “We are very excited to be working with Sentireal’s innovative team and technology.  This project fits perfectly with Umio’s perspective and framework to drive adaptive capabilities into health care systems, and to shift the dominant model of mental health care from standardised practices to sensed, personalised care that adjusts to the context of the patient’s life and experiences. In mental health in particular, black box approaches to disease definition and treatment fail to account for the diverse contexts, history, preferences and needs of individual patients. With our ecosystem framework and Sentireal’s personalisation technology, we are excited to partner on a journey to shift perspectives and practices.”

Dr. David Trainor, Sentireal CEO commented, “We are delighted to have won the SBRI award and to now be in a position to accelerate the development of our virtual reality technologies and models, and realise our vision for personalised, adaptive mental health therapy and care. With Umio’s Health Value Design framework and approach, and their multi-layered model of personal experiences with health, we have a clearly defined frame in which to deeply understand current practice and its limitations, as well as sense the future direction of mental health care. With Umio insights and perspectives, we can now confidently position our technology, ensuring it will bring significant additional value to patients, their families, professional health and care actors – and the mental health ecosystem overall.”

The project is supported by SBRI Healthcare, an NHS England initiative, led by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).


About Umio. Based in Oxford, UK, Umio brings a universal systemic design framework and approach for co-creating advanced forms of value in health and care ecosystems. Its framework, Health Value Design®, helps address systemic growth, innovation and transformation challenges. For more information, visit

About Sentireal. Sentireal is a Belfast-based software and media platforms technology that turns mobile devices and headsets into smart assistants. These assistants deliver training and guidance using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, blended with artificial intelligence (AI). This combination provides "personal immersive learning" - personalised immersive content and continuous background assessment of learning progress. For more information, visit


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