Self-medication capabilities


A top 5 global pharmaceutical company wished to formulate an ecosystem growth strategy (spanning products and services) for its injectable device business unit spanning multiple disease franchises (MS, RA, Oncology, Thrombosis). 


First, we carefully framed the health ecosystem of interest and then mapped the different practices, activities and use contexts of self-injecting patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers in the four disease areas (DAs). With this ecosystem frame, we then undertook deep enquiry into patient and informal caregiver resources, contexts, problems, worries and frustrations. We identified, measured and prioritised over 60 themes of opportunity and revealed how they vary by country, disease area and a host of other factors. This work created a completely original, solution-free view of self-medicating (via injection) patient adherence factors, motivation levels, and self-sufficiency behaviour, contexts and preferences.

Overlaid onto this was a similarly deep thematic analysis of clinician patient support practices, experiences, resources and outcomes. We produced new practitioner profiles and segments (cutting across and by DAs, by country, by their views of risk, value etc.) that revealed actionable differences in practitioner values, resources and risk assessment relating to patient selection, education, and treatment decision-making and support.  

We then linked the two sets of deep clinician and patient insight, mapping the themes and their relationships to reveal ecosystem-level opportunities, which we then measured and prioritised.  

By combining a patient and clinician view of practice into a holistic assessment of the self-sufficiency ecosystem, we framed and evidenced a series of original perspectives for driving growth and innovation. We co-created ecosystem strategy to inform the design of over twenty product and service value-propositions, including assessment of addressable market size, growth, access and reimbursement profile. All the value-propositions are defined free of solutions or technologies, and use objective measures of opportunity, allowing for confident, ongoing solution co-creation of novel devices, digital technologies and services.


Our ecosystem value sensing, framing and strategy approach put a check on our client's current product development priorities. This helped it re-evaluate its existing portfolio of new concepts, propositions and technologies and refocus its R&D onto particular underserved, and formerly hidden, combinations and contexts of patient and clinician practice and need.

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