We help explore and interpret value opportunities and dynamics, then co-create, assess and adapt policies, programmes, strategies, propositions and concepts for growth, improvement and transformation in your health and care ecosystem.


  • Explore ecosystem Value FramesTM, their meaning, implications and possibilities
  • Co-create new directions for ecosystem value-creation with ecosystem actors
  • Design adaptive health ecosystem policy, population, innovation, growth, technology, product,  improvement, adaptation and transformation strategies
  • Co-create multiple ecosystem value propositions spanning health practice, product, technology, service concepts, using Umio Value FramesTM to guide ideation, design and collaboration
  • Assess and develop new business, commercial and operational models (with EcosystemVALUE)
  • Consider the impact of emergent health technologies and  practices and other systemic  adaptations and influences such as advances in systems biology, personalised care, community care, personal health budgets, automation and AI
  • Identify and incorporate new health ecosystem value drivers, model and measures into performance evaluation and MIS
  • Explore adjacent ecosystems to diversify existing propositions and capture new value
  • Create ecosystem marketing, branding, positioning,. access and pricing plans


  • Develop ecosystem-level, emergent adaptive strategy and outlook. Our approach enables an organisation to work within Umio Value FramesTM to explore, create and adapt value on an ongoing basis.
  • Co-create smarter, informed and evidenced solutions of all kinds with ecosystem actors. Solutions can be strategies, policies, products, technologies or services.
  • Pursue ongoing learning within a wider ecosystem view of opportunity that is not limited by narrow, silo-based short-term assumptions of solutions or ecosystem value
  • Advance systemic value-creation on a sustained and sustainable basis

Who for?

Progressive private and public health, medical and care provider companies, bodies and organisations, along with central and local government policy-makers wanting to transform or adapt health outcomes and experiences, capture new opportunities, develop novel and adjacent value propositions, enter new value-creation spaces, make more of scarce resources or address complex, persistent current or anticipated future health and care problems.

Contact Us

To discuss how Health Ecosystem Value Design can help you, please contact us on + 44(0) 1295 724 539, via [email protected] or by using this contact form.

Client feedback

"The Umio model is way ahead of how medical service providers and pharma / device manufacturers think today. It gives them a way to categorize and simplify complexity and understand healthcare interactions at a much more actionable level. Excellent work."

Rob Schade, Chief Customer Officer, Strategyn