Frame and deeply explore a carefully defined individual health and care ecosystem to learn, reveal and measure new systemic value-creation, growth, adaptation and transformation opportunities.


  • Map practices, actors and resources in a framed health and care ecosystem
  • Reveal the diversity of capabilities, capacities, experiences, resources and outcomes amongst different ecosystem actors
  • Understand the nature, dynamics, status and evolution of health and care ecosystem practices, including the limits, operationalisation and efficacy of emergent paradigms such as personalised care, self-management and self-organisation
  • Identify key factors, constraints and conflicts that are preventing ecosystem adaptation and the ability to address complex health system problems
  • Determine the cost and resource-use profile of an ecosystem and assess current cost dynamics
  • Capture novel value-creation opportunities, directions and possibilities free of solutions and technology-bias
  • Measure and prioritise ecosystem actor unmet needs and capability gaps
  • Build a new view of a health and care ecosystem for strategy, technology, service and product design and innovation
  • Theme opportunities into Umio Value FramesTM – evidenced spaces for ongoing value discovery and creation


  • Overcome the tendency to think of all problems as wicked and too complex to analyse and understand, leading to unnecessary and ineffective experimentation and iteration
  • Deep-dive into a health and care ecosystem to capture new knowledge and insight free of solutions and other bias
  • Reveal the dynamics of a health and care ecosystem, and current and possible drivers of emergence and value
  • Identify target opportunities with confidence and form advanced frames of ecosystem strategy, learning and action
  • Discover the main barriers to change, evolution and transformation in a health and care ecosystem

Who for?

Private and public health, medical and care provider companies and organisations seeking to understand an ecosystem deeply, and identify multiple new evidenced opportunities to grow, adapt and transform effectively with positive impact. EcosystemEXPLORETM is our full ecosystem analysis programme requiring internal commitment and consensus towards an ecosystem view. It is suitable for larger organisations and requires moderate-high budget.

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Client feedback

"Essential! The power of Umio’s framework is to transform an intricate and intractable problem into a set of prioritized, actionable and interconnected pieces of a meaningful solution.”

Sylvie Trucy, Business Development, Horizon 2020 PCP Chronic Pain Project; former Clinical Transformation and Education Program Manager, Philips