Become familiar with Health Ecosystem Value Design®, explore complexity and ecosystem thinking, frame an ecosystem, gather and explore emergent futures and possibilities, and design alternative frames for growth, adaptation and value-creation.


  • Obtain an introduction to the Health Ecosystem Value Design® framework
  • Frame a health and care ecosystem using dynamic contexts to organise the sensemaking task
  • Map one or more health and care ecosystems, and populate with current practices and actors
  • Learn the basic principles of complexity science
  • Explore the Umio perspective on health ecosystem value, discover the core drivers of value-creation, and compare them to the current assumptions and measures used in your organisation
  • Experiment with the Umio Personal Experience with HealthTM value-creation model to discover and design value from the patient- or person-centred perspective
  • Understand the nature of complex ecosystem problems, their root-causes and the reasons for their persistence
  • Evaluate the evolution of existing practices,  programmes and initiatives
  • Sense emergent weak signals of value evolution
  • Gather high-level indicators of ecosystem opportunity free of solution-thinking
  • Frame emergent possibilities and spaces for value-creation and deeper exploration
  • Design a more comprehensive, deep-dive health and care  ecosystem value study in the EcosystemEXPLORE service module


  • See health and care problems, value, growth and transformation through a novel ecosystem frame and lens
  • Evaluate current organisational strategy, value propositions and concepts using a new frame of thinking and value-creation logic
  • Escape the limitations of the dominant logic of outcomes, cost, efficiency and quality
  • Understand the flaws of existing innovation and design thinking approaches and methods
  • Discover and harness diverse perspectives, ideas and meanings within ecosystem actors, teams and functions
  • Begin the journey of adaptation towards higher, systemic and more sustainable forms of value and its co-creation

Who for?

Private and public health, medical and care provider companies and organisations searching for cost-effective means to discover new paths to grow, adapt and transform effectively, with positive impact. EcosystemSENSETM provides a rapid immersion in Health Ecosystem Value Design® to help you begin your journey towards sustained health and care ecosystem value-creation. It is suitable for organisations of any size and geographical location, and requires moderate budget.

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Client feedback

"We asked Umio to redefine our strategy and value propositions in a time of exponential change. Through the Umio Value Design Framework we now see things in different ways and are discovering many new opportunities. We are now using the Umio Value Design Framework in all our strategic projects."

Cristiano Daolio, formerly Chief Strategy Officer, Cromsource