Dr. Evelyn Orbach-Yliruka

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Pharmaceuticals and health holism adviser

Evelyn is a wanderer between cultures, technologies and industries. She has worked for profit as well as non-profit organisations in Europe, US, Russia, Central Asia and Australia, gaining deep insights into the subtle cultural differences that are important for success.

She has worked in laboratory analytics, diagnostics, medtech and the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, always within the critical space between technology, people and practice. She has supported companies to foresight long-term change, sense novel opportunities and restructure business units and teams for sustained growth and innovation. 

Based in Germany, Evelyn has a background in engineering, helping organisations to adopt new complex adaptive thinking in problem understanding and solution design, for example when coordinating engineering teams during the restoration of the Bolschoi theatre or as in-house consultant during her time in corporate research at Bosch.

With Umio, Evelyn's focus is to shift traditional thinking, and reframe perspectives on health, value and its co-creation in order to realise healthier citizen, patient, employee and organisational lives and futures. 

Evelyn has a Dipl.- Ing in chemistry /chemical engineering from the tu Darmstadt, a PhD in biochemistry/immunology from the German Cancer Research Center and a Management degree from the USW Graacht, Germany in cooperation with the  University Berkeley, USA