Gillian Brydon

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Gillian Brydon joined Umio with 14 years experience in medical device product and technology development within both private and public sector organisations. 

She began her career as a Development Manager at Hycor Biomedical, who specialise in Autoimmune and Allergy Diagnostics and during this time also worked in collaboration on commercial immunological assay development projects with global diagnostic players such as, Bayer Diagnostics (now Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics) and Beckman Coulter. Following this Gillian joined Stirling Medical Innovations, an Inverness Medical Innovations company, as Technical Lead in developing a Cardiac Biomarker testing platform for remote healthcare management in the home setting.

In May 2008, Gillian joined ITI Techmedia, a Scottish Government economic development organisation, as Programme Manager for the Chronic Wound Care Programme, overseeing the development of a Point of Care diagnostic platform to aid in chronic wound management.

Gillian has a BSc Hons degree in Medical Microbiology from the University of Edinburgh.