Wilma Smythe

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Wilma has over 15 years experience leading customer insight and intelligence programmes both in the private and public sectors.

Initially trained as a Psychologist in the University Autonoma of Barcelona, specialising in Social and Organisational Psychology, she furthered her education with an MBA from Loyola University Chicago, specialising in Marketing, International Business and Management of Information Systems.

In Chicago, she worked for niche consultancies supporting organisations and clients improve their understanding of their markets and internal data sets.

A market intelligence expert, Wilma moved to the UK and worked for HM Government to support a cultural transformation that put citizens at the heart of public service delivery. At HMRC she was the customer segmentation champion, influencing HMRC to apply segmentation in their marketing and communications for which it got multiple awards. At HMPO, she led the insight programme, steering strategy, marketing, policy, channel optimisation, and product and service development, with much of her latest influence dedicated to embed customer journey thinking in digital transformation in order to improve the ‘to-be’ customer experience.

Wilma understands the complexities of embedding insight at different organisational levels, including staff and the board. She has led numerous boardroom sessions, demonstrating the importance of insight to inform business decision making and at times transforming organisations’ thinking and business models.

Wilma is currently a member of the MRS (Market Research Society) Public Sector Editorial Board and was a council member of the AURA Council between 2012 and 2016. She is also a certified member of the MRS.

More recently, seeing the potential of social media coupled with a strong interest in the social good, Wilma wanted to be part of a growing movement to help individuals make better decisions for themselves and inspire organisations to grow by adding value to society. To do so, she founded Insight for Good, a market intelligence firm designed to inspire organisations use evidence and insight to support their social goals and become sustainable in the long term.